iGEM is a synthetic biology competition that challenges students to resolve real-world issues with the use of genetically modified organisms. In 2019, the iGEM team of Leiden University focussed on a protein found in the sucker ring teeth of the  Humbolt squid called "Suckerin". Suckerin shows promise as a biological material for tissue replacements. The goal of our iGEM project was to produce Suckerin with bacteria in an attempt to create a sustainable and accessible method of producing Suckerin.
As a member of the 2019 iGEM team from Leiden University, I took up the role of design manager. Although I did have an affinity with design, I had no  practical experience with it. Throughout this project I designed our logo's, business cards and pamphlets, for example. I enjoyed designing these elements very much! But I know now that there is so much more to learn about design. So, I hope to improve myself even more over the coming years.
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